Williamsburg Raider Music

Equipment Trailer

Music is a wonderful part of our community. The dedication and motivation that marching band, color guard, and pep band bring to the football and basketball games energizes the crowds. Sirens, En Harmony and the band honor our veterans at Memorial Day and July 4th celebrations. From 5th grade beginning band concerts, to early morning marching band, jazz band and show choir, Friday night halftime shows at football games, to parades, concerts, contests, and in the classroom; your students continue to excel in every aspect of the music program. Music teaches discipline, work ethic, team-building, musicality, athleticism, camaraderie, sportsmanship and respect. Your music students are respected among their peers, in their extracurricular clubs and groups and within the community. This plays a crucial part in building tomorrow’s leaders. Creating future leaders, like you, is what we are all about.

Over the past few years our equipment trailer has become too small and not as functional as it needs to be. Our goal is to purchase a new or used trailer and, through/with the help of parents and community members, outfit the trailer with storage units needed to equip it for travel with the updated equipment needed for a competitive marching band, jazz band and concert band and show choir. Continued success and growth of our programs begets increased participation: increased participation increases instruments and equipment, thus the increased needed space to travel with those instruments and equipment. This is currently a problem and we hope that you would like to assist.

We anticipate this new trailer as a project estimated at $10,000, which can be completed in stages:

  • Stage one will be the purchase of a trailer at approximately $5,000.
  • After the trailer has been purchased, we will custom build the storage units needed for our band equipment. By using the support of community members, the cost will be contained at $4,000.
  • As funding allows, we hope to put the Williamsburg High School Band logo on the outside of the trailer, naming our partners and sponsors, cost is estimated at $1,000.

Trailer Specifications

    Racecar Trailer
  • Length - 24 ft
  • Width - 8.5 ft
  • Side door - 48 x 72 inches
  • Ramp - 96 x 78 inches
  • Color - Black or Red
The interior will be built up to provide:
  • Hat (shako) storage
  • Uniform rack storage
  • Flag pole storage
  • Podium storage
  • Instrument storage, including large items like pit percussion, bass drums, tubas